Sunny Park was a talented self taught chef that I am proud to have called mother. I'm Sandrea Welch and making cakes is my homage to her. I take pride in making custom cakes to mark special occasions, birthdays, or any day fit for a celebration. Before I begin any cake, I like to get to know my client so I can best create something genuinely specific and one-of-a-kind.

We only use quality ingredients, and we make our cake from scratch–no premade mixes, shortening-filled icings, or preservatives. Sunny Park Cakes makes real custom cakes, made-to-order, and we make all of our fillings from real fruit, butter, eggs, sugar, chocolate, and vanilla beans. It's a difference you can taste, and our designs are specific to you–we welcome your ideas and suggestions. Email Sunny Park Cakes–you're speaking directly to me; and I listen. I'll work with any budget to make a dessert worthy of your special day.